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For those who aren't aware, Jae'Sean Tate is a 25-year-old rookie forward for the Houston Rockets who had spent the last few seasons following his college career at Ohio State in the Belgian and Australian leagues before breaking through with Houston this year. Over 35 games in 2020-21, Tate is averaging 10.0 points, 5.2 rebounds and 0.9 steals, shooting 54.4 percent from the floor in the process. His energy and high-effort defense on the less glamorous end of the floor have also been noteworthy. With him on the floor, the struggling Rockets have actually been 2.8 points per 100 possessions better than when he's on the bench, and for a team that's getting outscored by 5.1 points per 100 possessions on average this season, that's an impressive mark. Tate is putting together that quietly solid rookie campaign, mind you, as the NBA's 442nd highest-paid player, earning $1.5 million in 2020-21. That was solid scouting by Houston to bring Tate over from the Australian league, as he looks to be a role player they can keep around for seasons to come, particularly for when they try to field a competitive team again.

This is yet another bummer for both Gordon (who has a lengthy injury history) and the Rockets (who’ve lost 14 straight).

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This not only makes it easier for them to make a trade, it makes them an enticing target for teams looking to shed money. While that isn’t specifically the case for New Orleans, they do hand off the decision of Ball’s impending restricted free agency to another team as well.New Orleans Pelicans

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LeBron James: "I’m not in the mindframe as far as what needs to happen as far as our roster. For us, what needs to happen is we want to play better basketball with the group that we got. I believe in every guy in our locker room & every guy that hits the floor."Indiana Pacers

Vucevic isn't a top-tier defender, but his consistent scoring and outside shooting would address a pair of significant needs for the Celtics.Atlanta Hawks
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Say hello to a future fan-favorite. For the second game in a row, Moses Brown led the team in rebounds. He had nine points on five shots and played a career-high 27 minutes. Brown started the second half and played about eight fourth-quarter minutes. "It's only his second real game of NBA minutes, and he continues to be pretty productive and a factor," Daigneault said. "It was interesting to see the amount of bodies that they committed to him on the offensive glass." On Thursday, Brown had five offensive rebounds. He had just two against the Knicks, and that's because they appeared to have made it a priority to prevent him from grabbing those boards for second-chance opportunities. Brown dominated the G League circuit, averaging 18.5 points, 13.9 rebounds and 1.9 blocks in 26.4 minutes per game. He has shown that improvement since returning to the Thunder, setting a career-high in points in back-to-back games and recording more rebounds in both of these games since the All-Star break than in any prior.

The team had plenty of signs. In 2012, despite moderate per-game averages, the 22-year-old guard finished second in the league in true shooting, seventh in Box Plus-Minus, and 13th in Value Over Replacement Player. The former third overall pick had improved each and every year of his career. Oklahoma City had reservations about handing out another max contract to a player that might be nothing more than a perennial Sixth Man of the Year contender. Maybe his success was just a product of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, who made First-Team and Second-Team All-NBA, respectively, in 2012.Cleveland Cavaliers